Friday 8 August 2014

M22 Globular Cluster - the magnificent little brother

Hi all,
This was the second sketch I completed at this year’s Astrofest.

M22 is a true jewel of the night sky.  This giant globular cluster from a dark site can be a naked eye object as well.  It is large enough for even smaller telescopes to resolve its multitude of component stars, to reveal its large and intense core.

M22 is beautiful in my 17.5” scope.  It is very different from Omega Centauri and 47Tuc – could even describe it as the ‘runt’ of the giant globulars as its core is not as busy as its bigger brothers.  But the component stars of its core are absolutely brilliant, arranged in so many signature patterns.  It is slowly turning into a favourite of mine with its understated brilliance, loud without being overbearing presence, and sitting on a magnificent carpet of the Milky Way glow.

I won’t say much here.  I’ll let M22 do its own quite whispering of its magnificence.  Yeah, I think one firm fav of mine now…

Object:  M22 globular cluster
Scope:  17.5” push-pull Karee dobsonian
Gear:  22mm LVW, 91X
Location:  Linville, Queensland, Australia
Date:  24th July, 2014
Media:  Soft pastel and white ink on A4 size black paper

Duration:  approx. 2.5hrs

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