Thursday, 4 December 2014

New page! - Telescope Bits and Bobs

Hi all,

I just started a new page in my blog, Telescope bits and bobs

You will find this page listed in the left hand column too in the 'pages' heading.

Here I will post pictures of my telescopes, modifications I make to them, and sources of inspiration from other telescope makers that are wonderful ideas.

My first posting their is up, and answers a focusing problem when your instrument's focusing knob is small in diameter.  Please have a look and enjoy.


2 Lunar 'X's!

Poor weather and work continue to conspire against me to have time with a telescope and pencil & paper.

This week I've posted my sketch of the chance find of not one but two Lunar X's, one an imposter that I found first, and then the better known Real McCoy from out of an artistic flourish.

You will find a more in-depth account of the sketch in the Gallery of astronomy art pieces.