Wednesday 6 April 2016

2 Lions

Hi all,

I was lucky enough to get the chance to get the solar scope out again.  This time, my eye was drawn to a rather regal display between two prominences.

These two proms were next to each other, and interacting.  Plasma material was seen being cast between the two, and above them.  The spectacle somewhat resembled two lions fighting, with their manes and dust flying everywhere.  The reality is probably even more terrifying, as the plasma is many thousands of degrees in temperature, and being flung up, down and around at many thousands of kilometers an hour, through magnetic fields that would see your compass spin itself into oblivion.

The immediate view through my Daystar Quark was gorgeous.  But as my eye adapted to the red image, my gaze picked up more and more detail.  The reach of faint material kept on reaching further and further out.  The softest of tendrils revealed themselves.  And the complex structures were fascinating to see.  This is why sketching is so appealing to me - with time and patience, these softest and delicate of details become apparent, instead of steamrolling over the whole lot with just a token look.

Either side of these two Lions were smaller proms, and a sunspot with filaments and plages that were soon to disappear over the limb of the Sun.

Object:  Sol, anomalous, pyramid & pillar prominences, sunspot, plages & filaments
Scope & Gear:  ED80, Daystar Quark & SolarMax II 60 DS, approx 112X
Date:  5th April 2016
Location:  Sydney, Australia
Media:  Colour soft pastels & charcoal on A5 size black paper.


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