Saturday 12 September 2015

Spicing up the process - a video of me sketching the Moon

Hi all,

I've been wanting to make a video of me sketching at the scope, and of the Mellish Technique I use in sketching Deep Sky Objects.  Well, I've finally started the process!

This first video is of me sketching the Moon.  A video that is two hours long where not too much happens makes for very boring viewing.  So I've sped up the video and added a track that I am very fond of.

You will see the entire process of a lunar sketch done at the eyepiece.  The many, many changes between pastels, charcoal and blending stump.  The constant sharpening with a knife and shaping of the pastels and charcoal pencils on sandpaper.  The way I work one area at a time after having planned the layout of the sketch, and finish it of with little touch ups here and there.  And then finally the moment when I am satisfied that things are complete.

The first picture below shows me all rugged up ready for a sketch session with my lovely old C8.  The white box you see in front of me is used to shield my materials from dew.

I hope the video succeeds in giving you an insight to my sketching process.


  1. Absolute amazing Alexander! Thanks for sharing the video

  2. Many thanks, Luis! I am hoping to finally get around to making some more videos shortly on sketching deep sky objects using the Mellish Technique. I've been hoping to do so for a very long time now, and this first video has encouraged me to push myself some more.

  3. Great video Alex.
    As always I am learning a great deal from this site and your videos.