Tuesday 9 September 2014

New Gallery page

One part of my intention to start this blog is to also make it a place where I can also put up works that I completed prior to starting the blog, and a place to showcase newer pieces as they fall into the blog's archive.

So here is the Gallery of Astronomy Art.

You can also access the Gallery from the link in the left hand margin.

Tonight I'm adding my sketch of M16, the Eagle Nebula

This was my first ever view of the dark pillars that form this famous avian celestial apparition.  It was a fortunate viewing too as only a short time after I completed the sketch conditions deteriorated and the dark pillars were no longer visible in my 17.5" scope.

Even to see this Eagle is not an easy task.  Averted vision is a must, and patience.  Yet the reward is fabulous as it is possible to make out a brighter leading edge on one side of the pillars, making for a fantastic 3D effect.

Object:  M16, the Eagle Nebula
Telescope:  17.5" Karee push-pull dobsonian
Gear:  16mm Konig, 125X, OIII filter
Date:  2nd July, 2011
Location:  Ilford, Australia
Media:  Soft pastel, charcoal and white ink on A4 size black paper

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