Thursday 5 June 2014

What would you like to see sketched?

While I have my own set of objects and targets I have put in a "must sketch" list, the wider audience who may read my blog could have their own idea of what would make a good sketch target, or would like just to see what a particular target looks like through a telescope as sketching is as true-to-life as an image can be, or they may have a particular favourite astronomical object that they would like to see rendered as a sketch.

I've started a poll that you will find in the left-hand column.  This will be a preliminary poll to see what specific object types you would like to see sketched by me.  Once the poll is concluded, I will compile a list of objects from the poll statistics.  Once this poll is concluded, I will look to produce a sketch of the selected object.

If you have a very specific astronomical object/target that you would like me to sketch, you are also welcome to let me know directly by emailing me or making a post on my blog.

Keep in mind that different objects/targets will have an optimal window of opportunity to be sketched due to their seasonal track around the sky or due to their orbit.  The weather is another unpredictable factor.  But the selected objects will be sketched when the best opportunity presents.



  1. My fave sketches are of the moon. You have some great drawings!! What talent!

  2. Hi Alex!
    I know I'm late coming across this now, but something that really amazed me the other day is Montes Apenninus! I was actually sketching the crater Eratosthenes, one of my favorites, but this time I decided I would add a piece of the beautiful mountain chain that was coming out of the terminator. As usual, when I started to sketch what I thought was a simple feature, turned out to be the most amazing part of the sketch and any other lunar feature I have seen! There was so much drama to this, there was height and there were shadows making it appear like these huge crevices going down the mountains and what appeared to be a deep canyon surrounded by steep walls... would love to see you capture this mountain range! I sketched it on January 6, 2021 at 6AM... in case you want to see it in lunar atlas... I tried to find pictures online but nothing shows this feature the way I saw it that day... I'm only 5 years late on this request, but there doesn't seem to be a deadline in this post ;-)
    Clear skies!
    Winnipeg, Canada